A Bright Future for Every Child, A Bright Future for New Orleans

My vision for our New Orleans public schools is that every neighborhood will have an excellent public school that every parent wants to send his/her child to, regardless of race, income, or the individual needs of the student.

My focus as a candidate:

1. Access to High Quality, Affordable Preschools

We have a shortage of quality, affordable preschools in our city, and early childhood education is critical to the long term success of our children.

2. Great School Choices in Every Neighborhood

We only have a handful of public schools that everyone wants to attend but can't access without a lucky lottery ticket or a high test score.  New Orleans has the lowest percentage of households with children attending public schools in the country. We need a great school in every neighborhood where everyone can get an excellent education from a public school.

3. Schools That Meet the Needs of Every Child

A great school system meets the needs of all children, especially the most vulnerable. Every school must have the resources and programming to meet the needs of students who have fallen behind academically, special education students, English language learners, and students at risk of dropping out.  We have to ensure children with the highest needs receive the necessary supports to succeed, and can receive those supports from any school of their choice.

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Ben Kleban for School Board
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